Thursday, March 24, 2011

the world is small

we arent as disconnected anymore. we are interwoven into a series of people who know people who met people this place and stayed with this person. spiderweb insanity is what i call it.

as i talk with Babs we continue learning more about our similarities. the way that our family dynamics grow and the way people relate to one another. there is no group of people like your family. they are always there. they always support you.

my mom was on the subway in boston going to her class at harvard. on the ride over she met a woman from LA who was at an invisible children screening that sunday. she met my friends - she met people i know and love and care about and saw the film we're all showing about Tony and Nate's story. she and her daughter learned about the story of Uganda - a war that has terrorized and effected our dear friends, it even effecteed Babs who i was just sitting at the table with, talking about our families and how much we love our mothers. then my mom calls and tells me about this random connection. now the woman's daughter wants to be a roadie.

it remindes me of the importance of always being open to the stranger next to you. who knows what story they will have to share?

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