Saturday, March 12, 2011

it all comes around

I've dreamed of going to Montauk ever since high school when I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Today that came a reality. I don't know why certain things make you feel so special, but I feel like this simple visit has brought my head and thoughts to a circle that was once left open. It doesn't seem like it, but high school was a long time ago in some ways.

Sometimes opening up about aspects of your life makes you feel like your robbing it of its specialness, but I'm gonna share this experience anyways.

I liked that we were able to watch the waves crash against the rocks. You could smell the salt in the air with every gust of wind that hit your face. The rocks that lined the lighthouse were a mixture of dark coal grey and shimmery oranges. The black ducks that floated up and down on the waves were comical to watch as their wings flapped and feet smacked the already tumultuous water.

I'm happy that my excursions as of late have always involved spending it with people who are close to me. I've always had trouble with the beauty of experiencing something incredible annd having no one to share it with...thank God for my friends and teammates and the beauty and challenge of being on the road for 20 weeks out of the year. This has already surprised me in tons of ways and it doesnt seem to be slowing down...I mean, we still have NYC to dominate.

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anne said...

love this, and you.