Saturday, July 3, 2010

finer with age?

i like that the news talks about a suspected Russian spy. it makes me feel like the espionage movies are actual real life events. granted, i never want to be a member of the CIA or anything like that because i personally enjoy being honest about my life. but the fact that there are actual spies out in the world??? i LOVE it!!! hopefully i never fall in love with one because that would mean he's either A. not into committment & honesty or B. i will probably die in the end. either way - we both lose in the long run. NO. ME. GUSTA.

i guess movies and books bring about this intense desire for something out of the ordinary to occur in our lives. i think thats why i love to read all the time. i can enter into a persons world of drama and not have the reprocautions of their bitchin tudes in my life. i can also create even more unfeasable "What if?" situations in my head and imagine what would happen because of the creativity in movies. i love that even with the slightest form of imagination our brains can come alive and create thoughts that may not have ever occured without the primary inspiration.thats why we indulge in all of it. our brains love to create new thought!

with that in mind, i also wonder about how we as people seem to change over the years. we go from excited to apathetic in 5-10 years. i want to find inspiration in my post-collegiate days. i am thinking this is the time to see the deep meaningful aspects of life. fun is good and great and i want all of it i can get. there is also something very rich about experience, wisdom, knowledge, hardwork - all that i am excited to figure out. i guess i'm in that awkward middle place where i'm freshly out of college and still wish for fun, but i also know that i'm entering into a place of different experiences. what i can do is just try to keep the brain active. try to find fun & meaningful aspects of each day.

i'm going to commit to the saying "good things get finer with age". who says wine is the only thing that can fit into that category?

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im in the awkward "middle place" as well. totally articulated what i have felt since gcsu. im sick of this lie that your college years are your best. we have so much to look forward to. we get to finally engage with this world and begin to creatively give away the gifts we've been entrusted with. anyway, all that to say- "i feel ya".