Saturday, June 19, 2010

words to the self. words to my peers.

a foreword before reading- these posts are usually to myself so that i can grow as i think and live out my life. but i offer them to the public so that they can think, too. thats all.

all these opinions, ideas, actions and mindsets floating above our young heads just makes me laugh. we are so young and yet so bold in our words about "the world" and "the future". we are all guilty of speaking without thinking.

obviously our world (in my case, America) is in this middle place of change. maybe we could even put us in the awkward Tween ages. the American Dream is slowly fading and this new age of independence is arising. while even though this transition is in fact occurring, the American Dream is still flailing about trying to grab any young person into its grasp and pleading with them to follow the "work hard to get the house with the picket fence" mentality. the youth are in a shift and we can clearly see that! people are marrying later in life. we are traveling to new places in the world. we're speaking up for what we see as an injustice. the perfect middle class lifestyle has lost its luster. and you know what? that is ok!! that is good!! change is good and we should welcome this into our lives.

through this time, i love seeing the various lifestyle routes people take. maybe you are a do-er. maybe you are a thinker. maybe your life is intertwined into the electronic world. maybe you need to get away from everything and go live on a self-sustainable farm. whatever it is, go do it. but please, i beg you - be gentle in your mindset or opinions that place bold statements that cover lifestyles which may not be your own. we are all trying to figure it out. we are all young. immature. inexperienced. rookies.

go out and speak life into what you think to be true. go boldly into the world that lures you into truth and challenge. but please, please, please - let us be gentle with the ones who may live a young generation we have many many challenges ahead of us. yes we are somewhat cynical and definitely critical, but this does not mean we need to give the stink eye to our fellow man.

question. ponder. spend time investing your thoughts into what can grow into something legitimate. but please also ask your heart soul and mind for a balance.

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