Monday, June 28, 2010

baby baby baby

I think, therefore, that for those who are pulled away from their familiar surroundings and brought into a strange land where they feel again like babies, the LORD offers a unique chance not only for personal conversion but also for authentic ministry. — Henri Nouwen

what do i have to say to in response to this?

ummmm goo goo ga ga? give me my pacifier, cuz this baby named Meagan Leigh is brand new to this world of Columbia, SC and everything that it has to offer. and lets be honest with each other, it isn't easy. it is not comfortable. it is lonely. but yet i know for certain that there will be release from the baby world and into maturity. all i have to do is believe and have faith that patience will bring life and it will be a perfect surprise for this wee little heart of mine.

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