Monday, January 17, 2011

and it all came rushing in

tons of young voices. some excited. some groggy. some just a mere whisper. we're all new to this place once again. 63 twenty-something year olds are all about to embark on a semester of journeys - many different routes are to be taken, but they all lead to one goal.

i'm still trying to figure out how i am a "veteran" to working at invisible children, yet everything is completely new and completely different. they say that doing two tours is crazy - the exhaustion and the amount of energy put into one is enough to sleep for days on end after its all finished. our boss, zach, said the next four months is a sprint, not a marathon. ha! well, lets hope my lungs can withstand it.

i kind of picture it as the last two go's in the suicide running drill. if you've played basketball or soccer you know what i'm talking about. the back and forth running, time after time, one right after the next without much breathing room in between. its a drill you perform that expects you to give everything you have even when you're already exhausted, to finally reach that finish line.

but all sports analogies aside before i start sounding like a gatorade commercial...

here i am, alongside 17 other returners and 50 new roadies, working to end a war and provide means of safety for Congolese and Ugandan people. 12 hour work days are long, for sure. figuring out what it means to constantly work hard is still in progress, too. but without the practice there'd be nothing to show for it.

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ledgesinme said...

Thank you for your commitment to the discomfort of pursuing a purpose greater than your own personal comfort . . . you inspire me!