Friday, December 3, 2010


With every tough job or task you take on, there is a fight to overcome the desire to be celebrated, praised, and for me personally - the desire of being approved of by others.

We also fear humiliation, being forgotten, being wrong and in my life - fear of being corrected. My struggle with this idea is that if I am corrected then I am bad or a failure. How silly & false my concept of correction is! And the cool thing is that I am working through that & changing my perspective on correction. I can thank my friend James because he told me this: "Do not fear being corrected Meagan, fear when no one is willing to try to correct you." When we are so stuck in our ways & don't leave room for ourselves to grow, expand or change, we close our hearts off to any progression.

We work for a goal. Servitude is a place where we all need to strive to reach. For it is about letting others around you be raised up so that they can achieve things far greater than they perceived. When we take the time to help others move forward, we allow our hearts to be open to the unpredictability of change & growth even though we may not see it immediately.

That's what I've been learning lately.

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