Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't know why I, or anyone for that matter, seem to hit hypothetical "walls" in our lives.

Writers call it a "block in thought"
Athletes call it a "burn out"
Musicians are "uninspired"
Christians go through "spiritual deserts"
Marriages go through "rough patches"

There are so many types of people & phrases that match their haults in the flow of life. I have been the athlete, I am a christian, and right now I'm primarily an acitivist and philanthropist. There is a place that our lives hit when the honeymoon or the newness fades & the true fight & committment come into play. Don't get me wrong, I don't try to put people's lives & trials into tightly wrapped & easily define key words, but work with me here. I don't know much and I've experienced only a small amount of trials, but I find that the hault in ease of whatever situation you are in brings about reflection & questioning.

What do these times do for our overall well being? Can we look at our hardships & change with them? Do I have to question everything?

I've been told I think way too much. I admit that it's true. I ask a lot of questions. I analyze my situations. I wonder about future outcomes. Sometimes it hinders my actions, sometimes I'm not present, but many times it helps to see past my current situation & change my perspective. In the midst of physical fatigue & mental exhaustion, I really want to break down this wall. If I don't question my experiences & how to reach a better understanding of the world & people, then what will I learn? I want to believe in the idea that I can change for the better. If a 22 year old girl can let go of frivolous anxieties, release judgement from her mind, and continue to learn more from the people around me, maybe that means change in a broader perspective can happen, too.

"Live a life that demands explanation"


Tyler said...

like like like

ledgesinme said...

You are a masterpiece. You are an original think . . . the real deal. You are true . . . thru and thru. You are not an over thinker. . . the world needs more Meagan Shorey's!