Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rest In Peace

Miller Nuesse is the first close friend of mine to pass away. This is a tough loss not just for me, but for my whole family back at GCSU. A lot of times while I'm out on the road with Invisible Children, I'll start to cry and wish I could sit with my friends and hug them. The other night I was talking to a girl and I almost couldn't hold it together. The beauty of friendship is that our hearts are tied to people no matter where they are. I hope that this pain and openness can connect to the people I meet. That is my one hope. Miller's story is not meant to be hidden. Maybe this pain we're all going through will make connections to people we never imagined. Through this I can say that I don't understand death, but I know that it is a part of the human life. I know that Miller is in Heaven and he is happier there. And his story is not over.

If anyone reads this, I hope you know that Miller was one of the best guys I knew. Even during our college years when the idea is to play hard and do what you want, Miller loved to give instead of receive. He was always smiling, happy, laughing, and talking in different accents. I know that his death is for a purpose greater than what we can see right now. And even though I'm crying as I type this, I am happy that he is finally home. I'm learning that it's ok to cry. It's ok to be sad that you lost your friend. It's ok to wish he was still here. Ultimately, I hope that through this death, someone else will see the love of Jesus like Miller did, and they too will always find a way to laugh, smile, give, and bring joy to the people around them.

This is tough. I am sad. But I know everything will be good. Thank you Miller -- for being a kind heart, a courageous guy, a joyful individual, and for sharing your life with me. The beauty of a friendship is knowing that when they leave your life for any reason, they still stay with you. I carry your heart with me, my friend. And I hope that I can be an obvious light of joy for the people around me just like you were.

I have heard of death bringing life to others in the world. Yet again we see that happen with Miller's life. By donating his organs, he was able to save the lives of eight people who wouldn't have had the chance before. During this time I think that Miller's life is a lot like the life that inspired the song "How He Loves Us" check out the story behind John Mark McMillan's song and what he has to say about dealing with pain and tragedy and what the Lord wants us to know through it all: How He Loves Us: A Story

Also, check out what the Atlanta Journal Constitution said about his life: In Memory of Miller

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