Sunday, September 26, 2010

descriptive text only please.

maybe I should describe my life to you right now. we wake up early and stay up late. some days we drive across entire states. we stay with people we've never met before only to find that they are our family by the time we leave their homes. i spend my day talking to high schoolers of every type of background and hope that they find something they connect to and want to pursue. each day we wake up hoping that our work right now will end a war across the globe.

i live with 2 people who have grown up in a war. they have taught me more about resilience than anything i've ever gone through. they are no longer people from far away but their are my brothers. my team leader's name is taylor swift but he doesn't really sing country music BUT he does have beautiful blonde hair. the only other female on the team is from alabama and is the motherly role of the group. i have recently found out that she has a heart for cats almost as much as i love bunnies. sarah and i laugh harder together about random things more than a farside comic book. my other american teammate is stuy. his real name is mark kearnes lewis and the fact that he goes by stuy is an exact indicator of the kind of person he is. he finds a way to jump and spin and flip off of objects everyday. he is excited and lives with eyes open. we have deep chats almost daily. i love that.

i find excitement in traveling. you see things you've never imagined - like ginormous paul bunyan statues, redwood forests, hippie villages, coast lines that are mingled with rocks and drift wood, dogs of every kind, organic foods that heal the soul, silly elementary kids running through parks.

we are always busy. there is always work. my brain is constantly buzzing with thoughts and organizing. i have now become a woman who receives work emails on her phone and can be found in corners organizing and chatting about schedules with a notebook in one hand and the phone in another. coffee has now become necessary like oxygen.

this is my life, and i wouldn't have it any other way. unpredictable. messy. changing. growing. learning. happy. joyful.

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