Sunday, February 28, 2010

a constant debate

i am afraid. i am confident.
i am scatterbrained. i am focused.

no no no. i can't start this now. not today, brain! all of this is a big jumble of fear, faith and freedom. where the hell am i going? what am i doing? are you sure about....?

but here i am. refusing to let those types of thoughts plague my mind and keep me from the refreshing truth of what i'm doing and where i'm going and what i believe in.

"As I walk through life, when I am confronted with some decision or perspective about something, I ask myself, “Will doing or believing this bring freedom?” If doing or believing it points me in the direction of liberation, grace and love, I go with it. If doing or believing something stimulates fear, captivity, legalism, dependency, hatred or condemnation, I turn the other way."

Dear God, please let me live in this mindset.