Monday, June 15, 2009

Not afraid to be the prodigal son.

Broken. Empty. Drained. Weak.

This is where You want your children. Not to bring about more pain and rejection, but so that You can take them to a place where only You can provide. They only have You to rely on. You want them to come to You and ask You for everything. Your heart's desire if for them to come to you for love and provision. This place of "human brokenness" is where all other resources equate to nothing and only The True Father can love and satisfy. As the God who is filled with agape, Your pure desire is to be there, picking your children up from the ground. You want to dust them off, kiss their face, embrace their weak body and feed them once again. The place of the prodigal is the place where Christ and man become the most intimate of friends. There are no ways to fix ourselves, no more scape goats to throw our troubles on to, and no more momentary comforts of the world bring us satisfaction. We only have our Redeemer and Lover here in our presence to fully provide for the exact needs of our heart.

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