Monday, April 14, 2008

An Introduction of sorts.

For someone who wears their heart on their sleeve it is to no surprise that I just looooove to write it all down. Emotion after emotion comes in like a steady wave and I don't reject it. Maybe that is why making a "blog" is not a random idea for me. Like basically everyone I know, we've all had a "xanga" or "livejournal" at one point in time. Now that I'm older, will this one be of more worth to me than the silly ramblings of a teenage girl in high school? Hopefully.

There is a change of scenery in my thoughts this time. A new breath of fresh air that comes from finally grasping that what I write may be from my thoughts, but it is not about me.

(Actually, as a forewarning to you and myself I realize that as hard as I try to live this life "not about me", I will, unfortunately focus on myself and my thoughts and my feelings from time to time...or more often than needed. )

Getting back to the point...I'm still young, naive, and have a lot to learn. I'm only twenty years old. I'm about to finish my sophomore year in college and life is good. The most important thing that I have learned is that intimate. God is relationship. God is the beauty of a blooming flower. God isn't an old man sitting in the sky. God is restoration. God is walking by yourself but never feeling alone. God is out of my world of thinking. God is incredibly and perfectly good. Like my favorite movie, The Count of Monte Cristo says, "He is in everything"!

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