Saturday, June 4, 2011


we are all wrapped up in different tragedies. loneliness, unhappiness, loss, disappointment...its all there and around us and in us.

maybe this is just a phase, but i see heartbreak in every spectrum of view. even when i turn inwardly. its not all about living under your dark cloud every day but i dont really see any good of denying and ignoring the rain, either. what to do, what to do. get an umbrella? or maybe a rain jacket? what do these metaphors even mean?

i am tired of trying to dodge every droplet just so i can look back and say wow! i kept dry my whole life! its stupid to try to make every single decision the right one. you its stifling. obsessing over which way to make things perfect is incredibly annoying and stressful. or maybe thats just for me? no, im pretty sure all of us struggle with wanting the best and most perfect outcome for our lives. i think with that desire we also dodge any type of experience that could leave us in a place where we can't predict an outcome. its a form of self preservation that only leads to half hearted living.

i'm overflowing with thought...

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