Sunday, August 15, 2010

dream world

i now live with 60+ incredible people in southern california. each day we learn about the programs involved with Invisible Children & prepare for life on the road. in 2 weeks two ugandans will join us in the office and on the road to share their stories involving the war.

its hard to describe exactly what i'm doing everyday. it includes tons of learning and tons of studying. being around tons of young people who are driven by the desire to live for something greater than themselves. each individual has their own story of realization that we can give back and inspire others to go after the dreams in their hearts. not only do they desire to live for something greater, they also have already experienced amazing things. traveling to other continents, lobbying for the IC bill to pass, sleeping outside the Oklahoma goverment building, teaching in other countries - I am no doubt around some of the most epic & determined individuals i've ever met. theres no doubt in my mind that i'm around future world changers.

i can only thank God for giving me this opportunity. i am determined to work as hard as i can. i'll continue to update you on my life.

i love you all.

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ledgesinme said...

We love you Meg and are so proud of you. Enjoy the Adventure.