Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breathe Me.

Yesterday I heard a young guy from Grace church speak about the word "Yahweh". The people of their time were so focused on the presence of God and his realness in their lives. They wanted to name him something that would show how much he lives in them. They found the letters that sounded the most like breathing outwards and named him Yahweh. As if every moment that they inhaled and exhaled, the very presence of God was in their lungs and flowed from their mouths. 

It made me think about how important our words and actions work together everyday. Is every inhale and exhale of my life linked with God? Am I truly living for Christ or am I taking a couple of puffs from his inhaler?

Think about it...listen to your own breath...can you hear him? Are you being still enough to hear that gentle whisper in the simple intake of oxygen?

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